Protect your beard over summer

Summer is coming, which means more time in the sun and in the water. So protecting your beard from the harmful rays of the sun and salt water is vital to keeping your beard healthy. So finding the right beard care routine and products is vital to keeping that glorious beard looking great through these hot months.

Protect Your Beach Beard From the Sun

Just like your skin, your beard needs protection SPF protection too. But before you use Sunscreen made for your body do some research on beard care products formulated with SPF protection 


Protect Your Beard From the Sea

The sea contains a high salt content which dries out your beard and makes it brittle, so it’s important to rinse your beard immediately with fresh water to remove as much sea water as possible.  As soon as you arrive back home, use a beard shampoo to cleanse thoroughly and leave in a beard conditioner for 5 minutes before rinsing out. Once you get out of the shower, use some beard oil to maintain hydration and avoid facial hair frizz.

When packing your beard grooming bag, don’t forget your trusted beard comb or brush and opt for oil over a beard balm. 

Keep Your Facial Hair Looking Stylish

Getting out of the sea will more often than not, leave your beard looking a little bit ratty. Running fingers through your beard to fluff it up will make you appear a little more presentable until you can style it again. It’s also likely that your mustache may begin to sport a melted look due to the heat, which isn’t ideal. Keep a mustache wax to hand.

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